About Tier Haus Pet Salon & Daycare

Tier Haus Pet Salon & Doggie Daycare has won best groomer in Cincinnati multiple times for our styles and ability to listen to our clients requests, while maintaining the best interest of the pets. We are known for our detail work and taking our time making each dog look their best. Our haircuts are precise and you won't leave feeling like you did not get your moneys worth. What makes us different is that we don't have a quota to meet every day. We base our schedule on each dogs needs, and we don't leave a dog looking unfinished just because we have a busy day.  We differ from most groomers because we have equipment to cater to special needs and elderly dogs.

Tier Haus was established in 2011, and was bought by Teri Casper in 2016 after seeing the potential to make a lot of big changes. She has since taken it from a very tiny establishment with limited business hours and completely revamped it and moved to a bigger location which gave us room to open a doggie daycare. It's been a long-time dream of Teri's to own and operate a dog grooming facility that has full service amenities like daycare and boarding. We hope to eventually add boarding some day soon. 

We have done some big upgrades and added state of the art equipment to accommodate dogs of all types including giant breeds, special needs dogs and senior dogs.  Some of our special needs equipment includes:

  • Electric tables AND tubs that drop down to the floor, so dogs don't have to jump in or out 
  • Hydrosurge bathing systems to give your pets a deeper and more even clean than hand washing.
  • Happy Hoodies for sound sensitive dogs like puppies and older dogs.
  • Lift support for the rear end or full body support for dogs who have trouble standing for grooming. 
  • Doggie Lift System that completely lifts dogs up to 100lbs off the ground. This is for short term use like nail trimming, not for use for an entire grooming

We believe in treating our customers and our furry clients just like they are family. We listen carefully to how you want your pet to look and we incorporate that into the grooming to the best of our ability. We believe in quality grooms, not quantity. We take in less dogs than a big chain or a cheap chop shop, and that is because we spend the extra time to make every single dog look their best. We take time getting every hair trimmed to perfection and you can see the difference when comparing our pictures to other salon's pictures. If you aren't happy with your groom we will fix it until it is to your standards. Our deshedding treatments go above and beyond most salons. We have superior products and equipment so that your dog leaves a few pounds lighter! We do all the extras for you and your pet. We make to-go treats gifts for each of our furry visitors, and we work hard to give extra special gifts or services every holiday. 

We hope you choose Tier Haus to care for your dog and we will always promise to give them the best care!