How Much?

How much is a question that is a complicated answer. We determine price by how long we have to spend grooming a dog, so size, temperment, length of coat, condition of coat all are factors. We charge less for a dog who is maintained every 6 weeks than we do for a dog who has not been maintained as well and requires a significant amount of additional time and work. Even AKC breeds with standards on size can vary drastically. We can give you an estimate of prices but until we are able to see the dog in person we cannot give an exact price.  

We pride ourselves on being the best groomers, so if you are looking for someone who listens and talks you through the exact haircut and takes great care of your pet in a safe environment then you found us! If you have never been in the back of a grooming salon click the link below to see what makes us different and why we were voted the Best Groomer in Cincinnati more than once.

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Grooming Services

Dog Grooming


Includes a shampoo, deshedding 

shampoo and conditioner if needed, 

blow drying the coat, breath freshening 

spray, ear cleaning, nail trimming, 

brushing/deshedding, finishing spray, 

and a bow/bandnana. Price varies based on size and coat type. 


Bath and Haircut

Includes everything the same as the bath

plus whatever type of trimming you'd 

like done. Price varies based on size, coat

type and type of haircut.


Puppy Trim 

This service is for puppies 6 months and 

under. This is an introduction to all of 

our equipment and the sights and 

sounds of a grooming salon. Service

includes everything the same as the bath with 

the added option of trimming 

around the face, feet, and sanitary area. 

The service does include complimentary FREE puppy starter kit from Tier Haus includes 

goodies, sample of shampoo, and some other 



Additional Services

Pick Up and Drop Off Service

This service is available for clients within 20 miles of Tier Haus. The fee starts at $10+ depending on milage. Typically it is $1/mile.

$10+ (depending on milage)


Half a day $10 and can be added to any 

grooming for extra socialization time. Must be 

current on all vaccines


​​Sedation Free Teeth Clean

For dogs with mild to medium tartar build-up. Dogs with heavy build up or loose or broken 

teeth are not good canidates. Please schedule an appointment.


Nail Trim & Dremmel

Walk-in service but recommend 

calling ahead to make sure we have 

someone available.


Touch-up trim

If you'd like just a face trim or perhaps 

just feet trimmed and no bath we can do that on a walk-in or scheduled basis. We highly 

recommend calling ahead to make sure we have 

someone available, or you may have to wait 

until a groomer is available.


Grooming Add on Services

Coloring or Stenciling $5+

Feather Extentions $5

Nail Filing $5

Nail Caps $ 10-20

Nail Painting $15

Anal Gland Expression $5

Special Shampoo or Conditioners $5-10

Flea treatment $10

Deskunk treatment $10

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Great Service. The dogs looked great and were treated well. We will be back!

Susan G (facebook review)

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