At Tier Haus we take great pride that our customer service and our grooming exceeds the customers expectations. If you've never worked in a grooming salon, its hard to understand why some places are priced higher than others and why your should choose us over the competition.  We are not the cheapest grooming you'll find and here is a few of the reasons why along with some pictures (coming soon) of our grooming along with comparision to other salons.


Experienced Groomers

Pet Injury

Customer Service


Volume of dogs

Drying Dogs

Tier Haus

Our groomers  have 6-20 years of experience. Most of our employees have been with us since we've opened.

Very low incident rate. Sharp objects and moving targets unfortunately noone is 0%

We have a designated team for customer service and often respond to customers even in our down time.

State of the art tubs and tables that drop to the floor and lift up to wash well underneath giant breeds. We have equipment to assist older or lame dogs to help stand. 

We limit our work load on our groomers so they don't feel useless when they go home in the evenings and they can take their time on each dog without feeling rushed. This means each dog gets our full attention for their best haircut. We are priced comparitively for the time that is put into the haircut.

We dry our dogs with hand held dryers 95-100%. This gets all the extra fur out of double coated breeds who are getting deshedded. For the curly coated breeds this straightens the hair so that you get a more even cut. We then use a low speed cage dryer to finish the drying process.  

Chain salons

100 hours training, typically groomers have had 6months-2 years of on-the-job experience

Very high incident rate (injury of dogs)  and highly public deaths from grooming

Groomers are required to stop what they are doing several times an hour to answer phones and check customers in and out. This causes a panic to get dogs done in time, and often leads to a rushed job

Large dogs are typically groomed on the cement, instead of custom tubs, and it's nearly impossible to wash and dry their undercarriage completely.  Big chain salons aren't allowed to bring in any special needs equipment.

Big chain stores have a quota to meet daily and weekly and employees must take in a minimum amount of dogs every day or else they get paid a low hourly rate. So they are forced to rush through a heavy work load every day, which means dogs only have a limited amount of time to be groomed to make the quota. 

There is very little hand held drying time for dogs. Typically big salons use industrial dryers to force air into cages for an extended period of time to get them dry. This leaves the dog with a curly coat or full of undercoat. It's nearly impossible to dry a double coated breed this way. If you see a dog leaving a salon with tight curls then they have not been properly dried because of lack of time.